Funny VSTI


if you want to see (hear…) a cool vsti in Renoise, try “Delay Lama”, the Virtual Singing Monk.

Get it here:

Important: Open the editor, click and drag around in the center of the picture showing a sun.

Have fun and make the monk move & sing!

funny :D - but useful for real music? don’t know! it sounds a little bit strange I think.

nevertheless - thanks for the link! B)

it depends what kind of music… i like use ethnic stuff, and that lama is quite useful to me…

apparantly this was the first VSTi to incorporate 3d movings part to it.

this one was really something! :)

Its funny that you talk about it now, because when I was out shopping yesterday, I heard it in a commercial song, that they where playing on the radio in the shop.

But I´m not shure it was a nice tune, I only reacted when I heard the delay Lama…

I also discovered this sound in the Tomb Raider 2 Soundtrack :P



Also think I’ve spotted this in Shpongle Tracks.