Further Demo Restricstions...

Just wondering if the removal of the “sampling/recording” part of the demo version wouldn’t motivate people to buy the product - less than if it hadn’t been included? You can make complete songs out of the demo version (recording to soundflower,HD,MD etc.), but to get the “power”/“wonder” features wouldn’t it make sense for people to buy it? It would certainly force me into do so. Strip the demo down further is what I’m trying to say; makes a lot of sense.

Happy unregistered tracking!

“call me a nazi…”

Just keep the price on the same level and people that are serious about making music will buy it anyway. It feels a lot better if you get almost the whole thing, it gives me a more relaxed feeling. You can test and try everything and discover more and more untill you just want to have it. The more restrictions a program has in the demo version the less I want to try it out to be honest. My guess is people will be more attracted to torrents/warez than to try out half a program or a program that stops working after a period of time.

I dont mean this ‘black or white’ but when I think back on when I started using Renoise at version 1.7 I tried it till 1.8/9 and then I bought it. Its not part of the Renoise feel to have restrictions or other bollocks big companies have. Just my two cents tho’ :)


Beta stage, thats why i bought renoise, i just couldn’t wait for public release anymore ;)

I believe in the tried and testing method of shaming.


I have an idea, let people use the demo as it is now and then after 30 days you can only use Renoise for 15 min per startup. Plus, IF people try to reinstall Renoise in an attempt to prolong their 30 day trial, a messagebox could show up and say: Oops, something went wrong during the Renoise installation. We have just found out that you already have used the demo on this computer… Would you like to go to renoise.com to purchase the full version ??

That’s quite interesting… there never was a Renoise 1.7, where did you got it?

No that sucks as well. I believe the demo starts showing nag-screens after 30 days, that should be sufficient. But even regarding that, i think nag-screens for the restricted options after an access-attempt should really be enough. The more people attempt to use restricted options, the more reminders they get that they probably then really need that feature. And that is how motivation to buy should work, it should only target on area of needs, not act as a pest.

ye, it’s a very good marketing strategy imo! there’s still so much stuff happening dev-wise in renosie that you really want the latest beta and not some old cracked version cuz it ain’t got them l8st bells and whistles, yo!

i don’t think that most daw users are aware of this though. as someone said somewhere else here: the smaller version updates of other mature (as in stale) software don’t change much.

Ni Nazi :dribble:

I (as a registered user) have to disagree. I think it’s very, very hip and very, very important that you can practically try out the entire package before deciding to buy. The “render to wav” (+ the entire coolness, speed and robustness of renoise) was enough to convince me to buy it, I think after a few days.

only registered users get the version without piano roll

I agree with atte that the demo should be the full package (except of the render…)

However, a friend of mine wanted to try out Renoise, so he downloaded the demo and I gave him a CD with some samples so he had something to work with. After a few days he called me and said that he liked the program, but he was a bit annoyed that he couldn’t render his tunes. I told him that he had to buy the program in order to do that.

He said that he was a bit low on money and asked if I could render the tunes for him. I told him that I didn’t think that it was possible to do, since it would be cheating. I agreed to test it, so he sent me a simple tune. To my surprise I could just open the file and render it.

So, my point is; Why is it possible to render files made with the demo? Madtracker had some sort of lock in it that prevented you from rendering tunes that was made in other peoples program. It sucked, since you had to have a program to unlock tunes if you were collaborating with others.

But my suggestion is that there is placed a lock on files made in the demo so they can’t be rendered from registred versions.

I’m not sure how this should work, since there will be some issues with demo-users buying the full version and then end up with alot of tunes they can’t render…

Bah, paradox! - I just don’t like the cheating :)

Because you would start yelling to the Team about this if you would have made a bunch of songs with the demo, purchased the registered version to find out you can’t render your demo created songs.
Locking songs like MadTracker did is just defeating the purpose of registering the software in the first place.
As you already said:It sucked and that’s why songs written in the demo aren’t specially tagged and locked.

as a noob i have to say

  • the new (?) youtube tutorials are godsend. i would never have been able to start without them.
  • i would never have continued working with renoise, if the test version wasn`t as usable as it is now.

and now guess what`s for christmas :clownstep: ^_^

If you’re reading this thread, but haven’t registered, then I must remind you to feel shame.

Quite nice to see that people quite often state Renoise should have more demo restrictions, not less :D

OMG to whom am I paying these monthly fees of €35,- then?!

…guess I switched to purchased version sooner than I thought ^^

I just registered like 30 minutes ago. I don’t think I would have bought it if the demo wasn’t so excellent. Also the community is top notch.

Render Selection to Sample is such an important feature (I use it many times in every song) that the Demo is lesser without it. Get Registered!!

And it only took you more than two years! :D

I have no excuse. I was living in shame for so long. Finally I fell in love with it so much I had to buy it. This is the first audio program I ever actually bought. Its also the first program I somewhat understand how to use to a good extent. Protools doesn’t count because they gave it to me with the mbox, I never knew how to use it and I sold it again. Those days are over now. Its renoise time!