Further Export Functions

One thing that really annoys me is that I have to export my songs in wav format then convert to mp3 or ogg format. Wouldn’t it be decent to export mp3/ogg right in Renoise?

Ogg perhaps, mp3 export will never enter in Renoise. MP3 export requires a fraunhofer license and a fee per sold copy of Renoise. Mp3 import is done through the Quicktime library which is not part of Renoise so in this way paying license fee’s to Fraunhofer can be circumvented, be it that you have to install quicktime yourself before you can import.
There currently is no way to use the same Quicktime library to export.

Another thing is that ogg / mp3 / aac are lossy compression formats and there are no real intensions to support lossy sample outputs and besides that we desire to avoid discussions about output quality versus compression quality etc.

FLAC is not a lossy format, so FLAC export might make a better chance. Renoise is aimed towards pre processing and pre production. The render results can then also be post processed in lossless format.
Outputting in lossy formats is not a usual demand for audio production applications.

+1. It would be nice to see ability to export to OGG and FLAC formats in further versions.