Future Crew Purple Motion anyone

I think, some of us are familiar with the #Demoscene. So I guess, some of you might know Future Crew. And this is Purple Motion hosting a talk about working in the games industry. Starting with Impulse-Tracker/Screamtracker and getting to full-blown-orchestra.


Thank you for the link. Yes, Jonne Valtonen aka Purple Motion, very talented man. When I first saw the Second Reality demo, I was amazed. A great inspiration to me.

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Unrelated to Purple motion, but i remember that our local “Karstadt” department store sold a Assembly 94 cd for 50DM or so.
I was 12 at the time and somehow managed to get the money and bought it.
This sparked my interest in all the demoscene related stuff 'till today.


hehe, I had this CD, too. I think, I still have it somewhere. That was my personal sample-pool in the early 90ies.

Hell yeah! When I got into trackers, I downloaded and read all the old Trax Weekly e-zines and his name kept popping up, I checked out his stuff and fell in love with it.

Here’s all the issues of Trax Weekly in case anyone else wants to read them, they’re cool dives into the mid-90’s North American tracking scene: TraxWeekly archive at OpenMPT.org

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