Future Jungle Usb Wristband

Heres some Renoise business that I’ve put out and about there in a different kind of way to the usual boring its just an MP3 route.

Limited Edition of 100 Future Jungle 64meg USB Wristbands available to buy for £5 UK and £6 Worldwide including postage.

Purchase here: [http://tinypay.me/~EkG56PB]http://tinypay.me/~EkG56PB](http://tinypay.me/~EkG56PB]http://tinypay.me/~EkG56PB)

Featuring five brand new future jungle tracks

Simon Harris - Any Sound Test Get Buried
Insa241 - Rude Boy
Strange Rollers - Mr. Pinky
Mr. Phlyte - Murder Sound
Simon Harris - Limitless

Minimix of the tracks here:

All mastered by Eddie Voyager

As DJ Gaffer says: “at least if its on a wristband I will never find myself in a situation where I need some future jungle but dont have any to hand!!!”

Proper good stuff, love a bit of Jungle!