Future Music Snobbery

A friend of mine had a copy of the latest edition of Future Music, a uk mag that looks at home audio production.

There were a heap of ‘top ten’ lists in the back of ‘the best vst synth’, or ‘the best midi controller’ etc… All the logical good stuff turns up like Absynth and M-Audio… In the software/sequencer list it goes something like this:

  • Ableton Live
  • Logic 7
  • Cubases
  • Sonar

… a few others…

And then lower scores like FL4.1, Reason… etc…

And ABSOLUTELY no mention of Renoise at all. Surely, I thought, 1.5 has taken tracking into the 21st century big time and is actually competetive with other major commercial approaches to making music? Are we that small that we don’t even rate a mention?

I’d love to see mags like Future Music do a review on Renoise 1.5, share with the rest of the audio community the possibility of doing things differently and powerfully. Sure, it has a long way to go (to compete with things like the more advanced features of Logic 7 for example), but surely it is a program of worth in it’s own right that can do amazing things that no other platform can do. I doubt I will see a review any time soon.

Their attitude is summed up well in a ‘fun’ article in the front of the issue that sends up a 1337 forum troll who acts just like that: but the suposed irony comes when he says at the end “so can anyone help me with Cubase SX3? I’ve had to ditch my MOD tracker.”

I find such attempts at irony offensive and snobbish towards tracking. I don’t want Renoise to be the number one used program in the world, but a little respect for our scene and approach would be appreciated.

Anybody know what I’m talking about, or read the issue in question?

lets just make a deal, if any of us gets famous and rich we’ll promote renoise like there is no tomorrow. :P

Sometimes magazines such as Future Music, Computer Music (as well as PC Format and other computer mags) are a little bit slow to report what’s going on in the real world, especially when it’s something more “underground” such as Renoise. You’re gonna get news on the big stuff quite soon (Cubase or whatever), but updates on smaller projects like Renoise they usually don’t notice until a couple of months later.

Of course, a helpful “reminder” to them from some people here wouldn’t hurt either :P

another thing is that the dev-crew - if they wish it - needs to publish a press report for the magazines … without public relations, mention in magazines is more or less luck only.

but imho Renoise is an independent project and the dev-team not a company … and a great piece of software not everything to build up a company …

maybe with version 2, tickless timing, piano roll and a other big improvments Renoise will be more famous and also an alternative for cubase/ableton etc. users.

the best promotion can be made by you:
release new music, say it has been with ReNoise, and let people discover this software.

That kind of polls are really useless promotions:
I won’t be convinced to use cubase because everyone uses it, and if everyone uses it, there is no need for more promotion :)

done … that’s why the Renoise logo is on my last release and will be there as long as i use Renoise … B)

Future music & the like have ALWAYS been biased towards Cubase etc and against trackers. Also, back in the days of 16 bit computers, they always raved about the atari ST and dissed the Amiga (which was a far better machine, just lacked the built in midi).

Still, using my ‘lowly’ Octamed and ‘crappy’ Amiga, didn’t stop me beating off all the Atari and Cubase wankers and getting ‘Demo of the month’ (waaaayyyy back in 1993 with my old band ‘Rank’)!


@ the end of the day, it’s not what you use but how you use it (yeah I know it’s a cliche, but it’s TRUE) :D


Kowareta Hyoushi is going to release a 12’’, of course made with Renoise.
Advertising is guaranteed. *hehe

you should get vsnares to do promotion. His new album is the ultimate, and made with renoise (I think). http://www.planet-mu.com/ziq111.html

of course FM is going to be biased towards Cubase and Sonar. why would Cubase and Sonar buy advertisements in a magazine that reviews a program that costs about 1/10th as much and deas three times the work? :P

well by the look of things i might be releasing some stuff too, and all done in renoise :P

*every drop counts said the mouse and pissed in the sea.