Future Resynth Development

[edit: ReSynth2 has now been released incorporating the feedback from this poll. Thanks.]

Hi all,

I’ve been taking a look at ReSynth recently and I think it needs a bit of an overhaul with some optimisation / more features.

However, I’m not sure how people are using the tool. Development could go in many different directions, and I’ve suggested some potential options in the poll in this thread.

Note that some ‘obvious’ omissions like modifying the instrument envelopes are not possible with the Renoise API.

Please vote and discussion welcome!

Option to add more oscillators would be cool, like a + icon to add to ones own preference. Then creating broad unison sounds could easily be achieved. You mention waveshaping, what would that entail? Loading samples up to a certain limit and cross modulate these realtime?

I never mentioned waveshaping!

However, from doing a bit of research I’ve found that there are conflicting definitions for wavetable oscillators.

The original idea was just the ability for a user to load their own waveforms ‘simply’. No fancy sample morphing was envisioned.

In my understanding wavetable is pretty much always morphing, that’s the Table part of it, otherwise it would just be Wave ;)

i would like to be taken to the sample editor and to see the “osc”/“wave” in question being modified by the knobs that i turn. changing osc2/wave2 would then display the 2nd wave. it’d be very beneficial for understanding what’s going on, at least for me.

Well, it’s been approximately a week and the results look interesting, more powerful ‘oscillators’ and more of them seem to be the common theme.

I’ll investigate the options and start coding soon. I’ll also look at optimising it where possible for the lone person who just wished it to be faster.

Thanks for the feedback

Unfortunately, this is not possible. While a tool can set the main frame to the sample editor display, it cannot select which sample to be shown. Sorry.

ehm excuse me?? I made the very same notification myself,and it most certainly worked. Everytime you switched from osc1 knobs to osc2 knobs, it would switch from selected_sample=02 to selected_sample=03.

Care to share how this is possible (either reply or PM as you wish)? (I’m not saying that it isn’t, it’s just that I haven’t found out how).

You basically map each button to switch to sample_editor, Instrument Settings + Sample Tab, and select one of the three samples (because first sample is empty) depending on which button you move. I slapped the code directly into the buttons. We talked about this and you did not want to have it as an option because you thought it’d be really annoying. So, what has changed? Originally you saw it could happen, but didn’t want to support it, now you claim it can’t actually work? :D

I created

function locality(number)  

and then used locality(2) to map to osc1, and locality(3) to map to osc2. Now each and every button, when moved, switches you to sample_editor, instrument_tab=1, instrument_settings, sample(depending on osc). Here’s the code.

Ok, the one simple thing is that the script doesn’t auto-detect which ReSynth is on, so you have to have the correct ReSynth instrument selected for the gui knobs to work.
However, renoise.song().selected_sample_index=x is still your friend :)

From this:

to this…


Nice work!

General update.

ReSynth 2 Features list:

  • Four oscillators

  • Selectable oscillator types

  • Analog oscillators:

  • Four waveforms:

  • Sine / Tri

  • Pulse wave

  • Sawtooth

  • Noise

Wave modification function:

  • Sine / Tri waveform morphing
  • Pulse wave width
  • Wave modification LFO with rate and depth controls

Wavetable oscillators:

  • Load in your own single-cycle waveforms (or experiment with other sounds)
  • User defined wavebanks (simple folder heirarchy)

Individual oscillator ‘calm’ or ‘harsh’ setting for pseudo-oscillator smoothing
Individual oscillator transpose and fine tune controls
Each oscillator has independant volume and panning controls
Play the sound with the computer keyboard when the dialog is open
All controls midi mappable
Tooltips on rotary controls report current settings
Oscillator waveform display (select sample editor window to view changes made by the controls)
Simplified patch management:

  • Treat as a normal Renoise XRNI
  • If ReSynth is not installed, the instrument will still play due to the rendered waveforms
  • If ReSynth is installed, select ‘Open as ReSynth instrument’ from the instrument list to continue editing from the current settings

New optimised code has resulted in faster rendering

I had also planned FM synthesis support for this version, but unfortunately I’ve had to drop it for now (annoying as it had the most votes too!). I ended up having to include too many additional controls. Sorry! Although, I’m planning an artyFM rewrite with what I learned from ReSynth2 so FM synthesis will probably stay as a seperate synth tool.

Stay tuned for a beta very soon…

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Wow!! This looks nice. Looking forward to the first version.

thank you! :)