Ok, I’ve finally got around to releasing the second half of my ambient/noise project Futurology. This time there are three new pieces:

a machine contradicted
the wounded land
arc welding under 50m of water

You can find the first half of the project downloadable from my website by clicking on the ‘audio’ link. (Firefox has some issues with my layering on that site, so try IE for best results)

The style of music is progressive minimal ambient glitch. ‘Wounded’ and ‘Arc Welding’ feature strong usage of dblue’s Glitch plugin. The songs have been developed for arc-djing. This is very odd arty stuff, so I encourage you to download to taste something different. Let me know your reactions/visualisations here___>


Sounds cool. I’ll listen tonight.

The whole 6 songs of futurology are new downloadable from my sig… 1 2 3 4 5 6…

Enjoy… :rolleyes:

If these songs were a painting, it’d probably be something like this… And worth a hell of a lot of money.

I for one don’t always understand art, but find it fascinating none the less.

Could’ve been the soundtrack for 2001- a space odyssey.

It reminds me of something that could have been put in the background of THX1138 to add an even more forboding element.

Cool… great visions… dark visions… Love that painting! Oh yeah, I’m certainly up the more arty_abstract end of town with these releases… I promise I shall release some normal stuff soon!