FX Automation of Modulations Parameters?

Hi all,

Is there a way to record FX values to automate faders like Volume AHDSR in the modulation settings for a sample? I’ve been tinkering around with this today and haven’t had any luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me whether it can or cannot be done? The end result i’m looking to achieve is to modify the ‘hold’ window on the fly for a given instrument, and record those changes so they can be replayed.



Yes, it is possible via Macros

In the instrument, assign an instrument Macro to control the modulation parameter you want – for example, assign a Macro to whichever parameter of the AHDSR you want.

Then, insert the “instrument macro” device into a track. Make sure the Instrument Macro device is pointing at the correct instrument (there’s a two-digit “inst” selector in the top-middle of the device).

You can now automate this Macro knob with effects commands in the tracker. It reads as four digits: the first two represent the device number (where the Instrument Macro device is in the track’s device chain) and the Macro #; the second two digits are the 00 to FF value of the Macro Knob.

e.g. 11FF = instrument macro device is first device in chain / Macro Knob 1 / Knob Value at Maximum

The easiest way to get familiar with these values in the effect column is to simply Right Click the macro knob once, as this will insert the effect command (at the value the knob is current set to) into the Effect column of the track. Of course you can also just run the song and record right-click knob automation into the effect column as well, if desired…

hope this helps,



better late than never, I thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: