FX column volume fade out issues

Hello! I am very new to renoise and trying to use the FX column to fade different notes out (turn the volume of the note down over time) for different notes being played. I have seen the documentation refer to the effect I am trying to achieve using is Oxx or 0Oxx and then type in a value for “xx” to fade out faster or slower. Cant seem to get the effect to do anything at the moment and just wanted to see if anyone could help me with this frustration. This is also my first DAW/tracker after famitracker so i just dont know a ton as to what I am doing. Thanks if you can help with this!

Are you using this on a VST? It will only work with built in sampler instruments. It should work. The following does a fade out.
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.31.34 PM
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.32.16 PM

It is an O like in Out followed by a hex number. The menu on the bottom is great for inputting the value if you are not sure the command.


I am trying to use this effect on a VST. will this work or is there any way to work around this of not?

Thank you for your help!

for a VST there are many other ways

all of them involve automation of a parameter

1)Use “Instrument Midi Control” meta device and record automation of a parameter from the vst synth that affects volume

2)Insert a gainer on the track and insert automation of the gain

3)Add a track fx column to the track and automate the mixer volume

Personally I would use 2) the gainer device.

You will probably want right click the gainer gain 0db on the line you want the fade out to start, then go where you want it to end and right click the gainer gain to -inf. That will insert the start and ending values in the pattern ( if using pattern based automation vs envelope ). Then make a column selection in the fx column between these two values and use the fill functions ( linear, log, exp ) to make your fade.

How do I add a gainer? I am brand new to this and dont know what I am doing

Please read the whole manual and watch all the renoise youtube videos.