Fx Freeze

I downloaded the trial version of fxfreeze a while back to see if it would work with renoise. Unfortunately a bug in renoise stopped me from testing this plug freezer. This bug is now apparently fixed.
The problem I have is that FXFreeze is on a time trial and this has run out on my PC. Could anyone tell me if this tool works now in renoise and if so how well?

(Will email the devs at fxfreeze to see if I can extend my trial period but thought I would check here first.)


Never got this one to work in renoise. Still dont. :(
It starts freezing. But it only renders empty files.


Damn it! Was hoping this would work now, am constantly running of of CPU before time. Also been trying to see if I could somehow use energyXTs freeze function with renoise but am yet to find out how.

Thanks for the reply Pysj, I may get onto fxfreeze about this to see if they have a clue.


I was interested in “FX Freeze”, and tried it.
Then, I noticed that a part of function “Track Freeze” was able to use in Renoise.

  1. Freeze a track by using “Track Freeze”.

  2. Turn “off” the track.

  3. Then, Let’s play! We can hear the sound with lower cpu usage, in spite of the track has been turned off.

However, it doesn’t work completely. The reaction disappears if nothing is done for a while.

To Renoise Developers,
Please fix this bug or add new function like this in the next major version.
I think that this function is very reasonable.

Thanks :)

From what could gather it seem that it can only manage to freeze 1 pattern.

In cubase and its ilk thats all well and good because the whole song will
be exactly “1 pattern”, but in renoise this simply wont fly.

Thanks for the info satobox and Mike_SWE. After mailing the developers at fxfreeze soon after posting this thread I am still yet to hear any response, even though I stated I would be interested in their product if it could work in renoise.
Things are not looking hopeful for the use of fxfreeze in renoise it seems.

This is exactly what my first vote will be for if this function is placed in the upcoming poll.

Hi Mike_SWE,

I tried this function through whole song(includes some pattern).
Because the sequencer of Renoise is steady of the management of time, the function(Track Freeze) should be able to be used.
The problem is that we must turn a track on-off manually.

Hi Ledger

I just agree with you!!

Thanks :walkman:

Ah gotcha. Thanks for the tip satobox. Hope this can be handled better by
similar plugin or future version of Renoise.