FX order of Txx with Oxx/Ixx pattern effect commands

I don’t know if this is intentional in any way (or just how the commands interact), but I’ll mention it…

I’ve attached a little simple example xrns. 2 Patterns, simple sine wave sample. First pattern is with the Oxx (fade out) command first in the FX order on the left, with the Txx (tremolo) command on the right. Seems ok. Get a fade out with a tremolo. 2nd pattern I’ve swapped the order of the Oxx/Txx commands. Still get a fade out, but (as far as I can hear) no tremolo is applied. Similar replacing Oxx with Ixx :slight_smile:

twinkle_trem.xrns (5.1 KB)

Maybe not a big thing, if that’s how it is then keep the tremolo on the right in the FX columns when using Oxx/Ixx commands.