G-stomper producer is so excellent, unbelievable

Has anyone here tried the new Gstomper, Gstomper producer?
I have to plug it here because it deserves some attention for its excellence, especially for those interested in portable, battery powered, travel friendly electronic music solutions.

I cant believe how excellent it is.

The VA beast (virtual analog synth) sounds like a professional hardware synth like polivox or moog. Its warm, fat and bassy and capable of all kinds of crazy sounds in addition to the normal kinds of synth tones you would expect.

Each track can have independent pattern length, timing and groove.
Its really special software for android, so I feel I have to give props where props is due to the developer.

I dream of the day when I can midi sync my android tab with renoise on my windows pc laptop…all sampled drums, other sampled sounds and vsti controlled by renoise, either sunvox or gstomper running on android. It will be so nice.

Google unfortunately seems to be slow in fixing latency issues on android, so no external controllers, such as drum pads can be plugged into android tablets for live play as yet. There is too much latency still. Its a shame.

The great developers who put out excellent software for android have to wait for android to catch up to their software.

Anyway, just for anyone who reads, please check out Gstomper producer. It is so seriously excellent…Im going to spend some time using the VAbeast synth inside it to make some synth drum sounds and sample them into the electribe style sample drum machine…it is so great. Just check it out. Check the specs at the link below


I tried it a few years ago. It’s very nice indeed but I hate touch screens. I would like to see G-Stomper in a hardware box though! :grin:

Its a good design overall. Everything well thought out.
The sound of VA beast is really warm and nicely bassy once you spend some time tweaking.
The new song arranger looks real nice.

Probably could make a nice instrumental album with Gtomper alone.
I like the sound of VA beast especially but also the filters are decent.
Nicely portable for outside/travel use too.
I like the ‘live’ elements of it like the stutter and rhythm arp.
Also the BPM nudge for mixing it with another thing without midi sync.

Only small problem for me is monitor headphones.
Depends on the headphones but on DT770 pro need to turn the android tablet to maximum volume to monitor everything properly, buts its doable.

I wish android latency issues could be fixed so I could drum on the G-stomper touchscreen pads properly, or even better plug in some pads or a keyboard.

Better than most ios apps in my opinion, plus you dont have the headache of ios nonsense restricting hierarchical file system and stuff…you just drag and drop files onto android tablet as you would a usb drive, no itunes bullshit. Make a folder anywhere you want. Great software. props