Gain Staging in Renoise

Do any of you gain stage with Renoise? If so, how do you go about it? I also use Reason and in Reason their’s a gain knob in their mixer panel I can use to gain stage before mixing. Was wondering if Renoise offered something similar.

I’ve done that and found it made a big difference. Renoise has the built-in Gainer effect that you can add in to a channel effects chain to adjust the volume wherever needed. It doesn’t have a built-in meter though, so I tend to add a Waves VU meter plugin after the gainer, and use that meter to tweak the gainer until the needle hovers around 0VU, calibrated at -18dBFS.

This looks like a good free VU meter plugin, though I’ve not tried it: MVMeter2

I first learned about gain staging from a plugin called Satson Console and using Satson is still one of my favorite ways of doing it. If you get Computer Music magazine, there’s a free version called Satson CM included on the cover DVD, that does the job very well. They’ve got a quick explanation of how to do gain staging here.

Thank you for this! You rule.