Gainer/stereo Expander Vs. Volume/width

I’ve been peaking into some other people’s modules today and noticed that some using a gainer and stereo expander on every channel.
Just wondering the benefit of doing this over using the volume and width controls?


I am thinking the use of the gainer and stereo expander is to create a broader sound reach and sferic condition. I am also experimenting with the stereo expander and gainer.

If you apply effects on a certain channel it’s better to put a gainer in the end of the chain for volume/panning/width alteration. If you use the channel’s parameters it will effect the sound going through the effects, which is something you don’t want. You want control and you get that by altering the sound coming out of the effects, not the sound going in the effects.

Errr, I’m not too good at explaining this stuff but I hope you know what I mean :)