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Okay, here’s the deal… I have Trackmania Sunrise originally on PC and absolutley LOVE it, but it crashes my pc from time to time (probably cause of Starforce) and I don’t really want to risk my pc simply because I’m addicted to probably the best racing game ever…


So, I just wanted to know if either any of you have experiences with games comparing with Trackmania (I have nations, it’s good and free, but not the same thing) either on XBOX or PC, or (and here’s where the topic comes in) a website that lists games that are similar, games I’d like because I like this other game etc.

I’d immediatly list Shatterhand on NES right next to Blue Shadow on NES for example. :D has that feature “people who bought this item also bought…”

Not the most accurate thing in the world but it might be a good general guide.

For example, for Trackmania Sunrise it shows:

I agree with you though. Some kind of database that listed all the games and showed which elements each game had such as “driving”, “rpg”, “space”, etc., then allowed you to cross-reference them all, that would be very cool. There are probably a few sites out there already.…mania%20sunrise

Down on the right side somewhere there’s a link to find more similar games. :)

omg sagosen!!! TRACKMANIA ROCKS!!

but let me ask you… you haven’t played trackmania NATIONS yet!?? i have been playing it constantly since march. it’s a free version of trackmania

i also have sunrise and i love sunrise (especially platform mode), but i play nations about 10x as much. it has excellent physics and there are some REALLy good tracks that people have made online… like tracks that require you to get a certain amount of momentum to make certain jumps and if you don’t drive it perfectly, you won’t make the jumps… etc.
it’s a ridiculous amount of fun!

edit: ok i just read that you have nations… lol sorry

also, if you have or get a psp, definitely try gripshift
it’s quite similar and every bit as fun as trackmania. i played it a shitload back last fall.

i’m trying to think of some other similar games i’ve enjoyed…
you could try “rollcage 2”, it came out about 5 years ago on PC. its main game mode is combat car racing, but there is a special mode (scramble mode) where you drive on small narrow, tricky tracks and try to not fall off. definitely worth checking out

“ballance” on PC isn’t a driving game, but it’s a ball rolling puzzle game… pretty good.

oh, “i got some balls” another GREAT ball rolling game,

that should keep you busy for a while :)

I know, trackmania DOES rock! :D

Found out that my problems were setting-related, not starforce-related… :rolleyes:

Anyway, I’m still kicking it with Sunrise & Nations from time to time (though the gfx and control in Sunrise kicks Nations’ ass, hehe).

I had found a game called, downloaded the demo and found it amusing enough, but kind of sluggish. Will spend a bit more time with it, but the initial impression was very nice, but sluggish.

Gripshift & Rollcage 2 looks awesome both, and the soundtrack & developers of the latter is DEFINETLY positive!! Music from Moving Shadow, whoa! Me like! About Gripshift, don’t have PSP and won’t get one. Ah well.

the “ballance”-demo was sweet, and “ive got some balls” was, well… Sluggish. Hehe…

i’ve got some balls is awesome. especially because it was a free game!

i didn’t like the crashday demo very much.

also i disagree about the controls on sunrise. i dunno i guess i just really like the way the car handles in nations, and how it moves on the track fairly realistically, like you can’t take corners to sharp or anything. i’ve found myself having more problems controlling the cars in sunrise – i end up oversteering more often than not and having to make minor corrections all the time (on my digital gamepad) and it’s hard to go in a straight line off jumps and stuff. mostly on the SUV car but also on the fast car and the rally car to some extent.

i would say that buying a psp is ALMOST worth it just for gripshift alone. maybe you should wait a while and get a used psp real cheap in about 5-10 years :)

and… since you liked ballance, let me suggest one more game … “best friends”…bestfriends.htm
… man i love games like this!!

let me also suggest trickstyle…tyle/index.html
it was OK, i played it quite a bit, a little more trick oriented than i would have liked but still definitely a solid game

oh shit also, i almost forgot if you wanna check out some older games in dosbox… skyroads, great stuff

also, alpha waves…ame=Alpha+Waves


edit: ok i will throw in one more, powerslide
on the surface, it’s a dirt track racing type of game, but if you look at it a little differently you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this – basically my friend and i turned this game into an “urban exploration simulator” … by taking the cars on parts of the track that you’re not really designed to go, climbing up mountains and on top of buildings and stuff… you get a sense of accomplishment when you set a goal for yourself and then you spend an hour trying to do it and you finally achieve it… … for example, in multiplayer mode there is a “stunts” level with some ramps and stuff, there is this quarter pipe on the side of a building where if you go up it fast enough, you jump about 200 feet into the air, and you are right next to the top of this building… but there is no way to get on top of the building… EXCEPT… if you have a friend sitting on top of another building 1000 feet away … and shoot a fireball at the EXACT right time, hitting your friend and boosting him on top of the building. me and my friend spent hours and hours perfecting this technique until we were finally able to get on top of this building. what did we see? the end of the world and another building to jump onto, and a great view down… nothing spectacular, but awesome when you realize it’s somewhere you’re not supposed to go :)
[/nerdy rant]

all of these games require precision and timing, similar skills to what trackmania requires, just in slightly different applications. ;)

I’m LOVING TM-Nations :) Anyone wants to battle *g

Skyroads is wicked. It was one of the first games I played on the PC. Got it free on the cover disk of a PC magazine which my dad bought at the same time as the computer. Really fun and tricky to play.

Think I’ll have to load up DosBox later :)


Woohoo Skyroads! The 3D in that game is still unrivaled! Hehe… erm maybe not but it was a sweet game. :D

Duh… Outrun 2006…Guess we never get rid of the Magical Sound Shower…
Got a lot of coins wasted in that Sega Arcade machine back in the late 80’s.
Now it’s only nostalgia……7289&pid=930971

i would like to battle. let’s schedule a time. just like me and trackit played richard burns :)

I’ll tell you what game I’ll be wanting when it comes out (and the system comes out) is

Finally–a game that experiments with gravity physics. I’ve been wondering when a company would finally experiment with physics engines and make something that can’t be real in -this- reality–I’ve been preaching on video game message boards “Why isn’t anyone doing something different with game physics?” for 4 years now. I’ve had SO many ideas based off this type of gravity engine that I’ve posted. Leave it to Nintendo to finally do something.

There have been so many ideas I’ve had for games, but since I’m not a programmer, nobody was taking any of them seriously. I don’t know whether the programmers of this game heard through the grapevine via things I had posted, but nevertheless, it’s about f*cking time! :) I’ve grown so tired of the same types of games being put out over and over again. It’s great to start seeing creativity make its way back into games–like what was done with games in the early 80’s, only now the creativity is so much more complex because of the technology available. YES!!! :) :)

The idea that I still think would be -great- is an FPS type of game with a major twist: It takes place in 5 different spheres–on the inside of them.

I picture a reality where there are greenhouses and/or space stations that are built in spheres that spin to create gravity. The closer one is to the center poles, the less that gravity has an effect. Each team starts in the smallest sphere at the ends. The goal is to destruct the other team’s spheres at the opposite end and then exit the main sphere after setting a destruct sequence. Later levels could have more spheres and different placement of the spheres which would affect the gravity differently.

Another idea could be taking place on space stations that are more similar to the one on 2001–where it becomes under attack by an alien race, and at certain points, the characters might have to put on space suits and jet around in their suits while in battle with the aliens when the life sustainment (sustainment isn’t the right word, I know there’s a better word, but I can’t find it right now) gets shut down or destroyed and the engines for the gravity get tinkered with the wrong way. There could still be the sphere greenhouses in that reality as well.

There are some other ideas that deal with some really weird physics, but it takes too long to explain, like at least 10 paragraphs. Like I said in my last message, I’m -so- happy to see at least one company getting the clue that there is SO much more that we can do with games than the crap that’s been put out for the past 12 years.

no no… you got it wrong!! the best racing game ever is richard burns rally :rolleyes: back me up io ;)

ok ok, i know that tastes vary :) but i have tried lot of racing games and richard burns rally is the only one to date that have that authentic feel of the car and its handling… AFAIK its the only game to simulates each wheel separately and make it work individually depending on road surface, bumps, suspention etc etc… it really feels like you are driveing real car on real road, especially with good wheel (and i happen to have one :P )

Kizzume! do you know the game “Prey”? the demo was released just last week. This is an FPS game that has interesting gravity flips, wall walking, portals and other interesting/innovative stuff in it…

i’d have to say i like trackmania and richard burns about equally.
richard burns definitely for simulation and realisticness. trackmania for just overall fun factor :)

and dude i played the prey demo the other night, it is some bad ass cool shit! kizzume if you have a good enough computer system, you should definitely check it out, especially the multiplayer levels. they just about made me motion sick. it will f**** you up… you’ll be walking along and you’ll enter another room and the gravity will just be DIFFERENT in that area and suddenly you’ll “fall” to the ceiling. vertigo inducing madness.
the single player doesn’t have so much craziness, it stays more to these little strips that you have to walk on to go upside down
i’m lookin forward to this game when it comes out in retail though!

Well, darn: I’ve got a P4 3.2ghz with a gig of memory, and a geforce fx 5500 with 256 megs, and the demo of Prey, on the lowest settings possible, gives 4fps. It’s unplayable at that framerate. I don’t know what kind of system they’re expecting, but mine sure doesn’t cut it. The only thing I could probably get is faster ram, but I really didn’t think it would affect it that badly. Yikes!

Prey is really astounding, at least for a simple 3D-Shooter. I never liked 3D-shooter but with prey they released a bunch of cool ideas. The gravity-stuff or the miniature-planet - never saw stuff like this before.

But for 3D-shooters, I just prefer Descent III. :D

TM-Nations: I’ll have to practice a little more :)

You only need a better graphic card if you want to play Prey. I would think a geforce 7600 should be enough.

yeah, i have got similar system except my graphic card is radeon x850 pro and Prey runs nice on highest settings… i think even geforce 6600 gt will run it ok