Game Controller for Renoise?

Hi there! I’m revisiting Renoise again after spending a couple weeks diving back into LSDJ. I’m aware they’re extremely different but I’m curious if anyone has had any success using a game controller to interact with the program?

I did some preliminary searches of the forum and wasn’t able to really find much, and I see some people trying to use the controllers as midi/performance devices, which isn’t exactly what I’m going for.

If not, that’s cool. Just wishful thinking!

I’ve been occasionally using Sunvox tracker with an XBOX controller through a living room TV which is connected to a PC with Windows. There is a program called “Controller Companion” that lets you control the mouse cursor and keyboard through your controller. You can freely assign commands/macros for each program, making it possible to create customised keysets for each program.

So for example analog stick acts as a mouse, dpad as arrow keys, other buttons as Enter, Space, ESC etc. You can also use certain gamepad keys as modifiers for the other keys when held down, giving more possible button combinations.

It works well within Sunvox, thanks to its touchscreen optimized interface. Haven’t used it with Renoise yet but might be worth a try.

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I haven’t done this with renoise, but I’ve successfully used DAWs with game controllers to send midi data and keystrokes before, no reason it shouldn’t work in renoise.

Assuming you are on Windows, InputMapper can also map gamepads to keystrokes, it works well imo and it’s free.

I didn’t know this. I’ve been playing with RB2MIDI (Rockband drum mapping) since I was finally able to score 2 sets of RB2 drums for dirt cheap, but the program is ancient and doesn’t measure velocity, but probably worked on Windows XP.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep these things though, I’ve thought about buying an adaptive Xbox One controller and throwing piezo sensors on it instead, since it would allow modularity in my small space.

Also this is going to sound silly and it is. Playing Stepmania on drums is pretty dope too.