Game Easter Egg?

is there one allready? or has some one suggested it? if there is i wanna know the secret! :dribble: what is it? space invaders? worms? i really hope to find it my self if there is one! most other software has easter eggs!


you what?

Fasttracker had nibbles and renoise has nipples. Or at least it’s the cause for them…

PM me the secret then :yeah: please

i haven’t had a pm yet :P come on! i want to play the secret game! :drummer:

  • open a demo song
  • extract the notes
  • use them as chess notation moves
  • play against the song

is that real? nothign really happened :(

Well Renoise is a lousy chess player… but it’s fortunately a better sample player :P

damnit, i think i just realised you lot were joking lol :P