Gameboy Emulators??Whats Good

i just bought a download copy of LSDJ

i dont have a gameboy yet

so was wondering what are considered some good gameboy emulators for pc??

I’ve used visual boy advance with nanoloop, it worked pretty well.

if you do plan on getting a gameboy + LSDJ, i suggest getting your gameboy modified with arduino, specifically from this guy

you can have it customized to your liking, though you’d have to see if he’s still doing customs for others.

if he’s still customizing gameboys, you can control LSDJ’s tempo via Renoise or plug a midi keyboard on it and play LSDJ like a portable synth.

As for emulators, I haven’t played with PC ones at all. I have one for the PSP, I had one for Mac, anyway, Nullsleep suggests Gambatte:

I’ve tried Gambatte for Mac when it was in beta (forgot which version), it was good but I had trouble how it handled .sav files, I couldn’t find any info if it saved .sav files and if it did, where it was stored.

thanks for the links

ive just been contacted by a guy in denmark that modifies gameboys for audio use,so lets see if im lucky to get one,it depends on the price though :rolleyes:

the price he asks for a gameboy colour with line-out mod and adjustable frontlight mod is 600 danish kroners thats something like 106 dollars

i dont know much about prices for those kind of things does it sound fair??

I think its a lot of money for a few leds and probably an op-amp (I’m no expert).

The market for mods tends to be weird because it doesn’t seem standardized in terms of labor and the demand seems low. Its just like finding a good honest mechanic. In my experience, I didn’t pull the trigger right away and buy whatever was available, I was tempted to get one from nonfinite but was a bit pricey (not including the cart) + reading the controversy of alleged stolen code gave me bad voodoo vibes (edit: not talking about the Arduino code but some other code which I can’t remember off the top of my head). Arduino boys (gameboys modded with arduino) are not common so there’s business competition involved as well. The open source arduino code I believe is from Trash80.

So I searched for a bit until I found that guy I linked up above. Turns out I caught his vids on time to get one of his early mods, I got a really really good bargain compared to others I found. Sometimes he sells them on ebay. I don’t know how much he prices them now, but it doesn’t hurt to have some sort of dialog with him. I’ll PM you the goods and total cost I paid.

BGB is best GB emulator I know of. At least much more precise than Visual Boy Advance.

NeX’s ModBlog:

The blog of Gameboy modder NeX and Mod service

i only have triead visual boy advance emulator,but im having a hard time figuring out what keys on the laptop keyboard match those of the actual gameboy hehe

midi controlled emulators