Gameport Midi Cable Compatible With Renoise?


I have an old Korg 01W music workstation, and I hope to be able to use it as a midi controller with Renoise. But where I live, there is no midi to usb cable. I have an old gameport midi cable, so I was wondering if such cable, hooked to a soundblaster sound card, would be compatible with Renoise by any chance?

Many thanks.

I used to have a midi cable that hooked up to such a port, the MPU401 should work fine.
As long as your operating system considers it a Midi device, Renoise will listen to its midi messages.

I still do it this way and it works fine.

I’ve added an old pci sound card to my computer. I’m not sure if it was installed correctly. In device manager, I see under ports: communication port (com1). Is that what a midi port is called? or should it read a midi port?
After connecting my 01w, Renoise didn’t see it. In preferences > Midi > In device A: none. In device B: none.
I went to 01w manual, which said “To use the 01 as a MIDI Controller without having the 01 play its own notes, set Local Control to OFF”, which I did. But still nothing…

Com ports are usually 9pin serial (RS232) ports. MIDI cables usually connect to a 15pin joystick port, or more commonly called a Game Port.

Trying to check what it might be called within the OS I did come across this line in Wikipedia: “Microsoft has discontinued game port support with Windows Vista” so what OS are you using?

I’m using Windows 7. Its wierd for them to discontinue gameports.
So, is it a deadlock?

No the MPU401 is just terribly deprecated hardware from the old ages.
I think the most affordable solution is buying a Midi to USB interface: http://www.thomann.d…i_midi_mate.htm
If you can’t get it in a local store then Internet shops should really do the trick.(I don’t know where you really live, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get this stuff from online shops)