Games With Renoise Soundtrack?


any other game/mod with Renoise music outhere? :guitar: :drummer: :panic:

The famous COD4 Frontlines MOD have his theme song all done with Renoise… :walkman:

here the promo video:

You can DOWNLOAD the full track HERE.

More info about the MOD at

Enjoy! :w00t:

Nice work mate.

heres my



INVICTUS GAMES: Picosaic - the real 3D Puzzle (iPhone, iPOD Touch) RELEASED

and more to come. ok it is not AAA games. but before i have my Renoise licence, i work in Buzz - Creating tonz of special sound effects for Konami and Eidos interactive.

I buy Renoise in this year and really like it. Now not need any other apps. (sometimes Buzz modularity is missing)
All my latest and inprogress work is Done in Renoise.

Never say enough Thanx for Renoise Dev Team.
Im a hardcore Jeskola Buzz composer. But today im a Hardcore Renoise Pro user :D

Renoise is a Professional! (all other programs Pro if you know what you can do with it)

Fancy Mod Hajas… i liked COD and COD2, however never got time to do some COD 3 and 4 anylonger…
Last 1st person shooter i did was Far Cry 2

I did 2 songs for a game called Pulse Racer for the original Xbox. It was not the best of racing games unfortunately…

I was supposed to do 10 songs in a followup game by that studio but didn’t have time to take on the contract. I don’t have any of them online. This was a pretty long time ago though.

All blitwise games are made with renoise. See their info by the author (which is not me).

All the stuff I did while working for the Fat Man, so “SceneIt? Lights, Camera, Action” on Xbox360, “Wits and Wagers” on Xbox360 (you can download the trials on Xbox Live), a ton of slot machines, and some other assorted themes and things.

Of course any projects where I’m audio director also use Renoise heavily for all composition and some sound effects:

Is anyone else doing heavy orchestral composition in Renoise? I quite fancy it :)



Il Dolore delle Rondini

Devil’s Stare

The opening orchestra music and the last 3 minutes or so (not orchestral) in renoise. (I also used it for creating some of the sound fx like the spaceships…).

Thanks! glad you liked! :D

and all the other works are really cool… nice I’m not alone into this… congrats to all! :D

if any of you have COD4 and want to play with us, here our main server:

but have several others around the world. :P

see you around! :yeah:

Fastlane Street Racing iPhone/iPod touch.
Title/menu and 2 ingame songs.

Youtube (insanely compressed though):
Better quality:

Lite version downloaded by 4 miljon+, so many people have heard the music :)

Great thread, Very inspiring. Thanks,


I’m working on a few, but can’t really say anything about those yet. All I can say is: it’ll be f0nky!

I did make a few songs for Nifflas’ games (Within a Deep Forest and Knytt Stories). The games are pretty terrific if you ask me! Download them here

My latest work was an ambient track for an iPhone game, called Subatomic. You can notice some custom made Geiger counter sounds, since the game is set in a subatomic radioactive environment. Composed and produced only in Renoise ofc.

Release date: 04/01/10

The track:

Gameplay video:

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I am working on a Metroid fan game called Metroid Dread (!) that contains new tunes and remixes of songs in previous Metroid games, all made in Renoise.

Most of my games uses music created in renoise.

Edit: oops, dfast mentioned that already

I had my greatest trips while playing Knytt Stories, its just… awesome. (btw, I always wanted to ask, did you use a tiny piece of a ‘boards of canada’ track in Knytt Stories?)

See this is what impresses me. Not only our awesome program kicking so much ass but our community is just AS if not MORE impressive. To have a look at all these games and the music that renoise has helped create is just off the hook. Keep it up guys!!


i have been really interested in starting making music and sound effects for games.but i dont really know where and how you get stared with that???

i’ve made 6 songs plus a menu loop for an upcoming Wii fitness game.
here’s one of the songs as a shorter version. also all made with renoise.

Love Bliss

all songs on my soundcloud page have been made with renoise except
for one called nu delta which has been made with reason.


i’ve been using renoise since early alpha or beta versions. ;)

2 more games with Renoise compositions on my list: (Iphone, Android etc.)
Raging Thunder 2 2 tunes
Reckless Racing 4 tunes
If someone is interested, check my site (link) to listen to the other tunes.

Also made SFX for the games.
Those games made by Pixelbite where I work, mainly with graphics.