Gangster's Prayer

Gangster’s prayer’ is up on myspace now. I hope to think that production has improved a little over ‘waiting for what’

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, I understand it still in need of a bit of tweaking, but I hope you get the idea. Went down well at a free festival two days ago :yeah:

If you’re offended by blasphemy & swearing, then please don’t listen >:-r

Wow! Awsome track! Excellent production, sounds good on my stereo anyways. I liked the beginning the best, and that’s only because I’m a bit bored with the D’n’B beat… but the organ is great! I wish it would be a bit more in front. Makes me think of Bo Hansson :walkman:

Not always a fan of the D’n’B genre but this is good stuff, good production, nice sound, very cool track. Great beat and cool whiney noise bending, downloaded the mp3. :)

a direct link would be good, i’m too lazy to go through multiple click :) (and i’m sure i’m not the only one)

It’s just one click if you got flash installed, the stream starts automatically… and a second click if you wish to download.

yeh, yeh, yeh, it’s just one click away, well it’s one click too far ! :)
it’s for his own good anyway, when you ask people on the net to check something you provide a direct link to it or you can be assured that 90% of the people seeing your post won’t even bother.

I don’t know if were all that lazy! :lol: But you certainly can’t go wrong with a direct link. :)

Like I said, it’s on myspace. See my sig! All you need to do is one click, and it starts playing!

Anyway, if an individual cannot be bothered with that, then there’s probably a fat chance I’m gona get feedback anyway!

I hope this doesn’t break anyone’s back :rolleyes:

Thanks for the kind coments so far, I already feel like thrashing out another track!

I agree with the laziness logic and would like to add a sidenote - though I am interested to hear this myspace streams are useless with limited internet bandwidth. I know you can download from myspace as well but a) they time out with slow connections and b) it takes ages to load all the stuff on the page surrounding the link; and the link is the last thing to load.

If you post a a direct link I’ll listen to it sooner, but either way I’ll check this out when I get full speed again

Both my first post, and previous ones have now had direct links for a couple of days (i know they don’t end in ‘.mp3’, but will work). Sorry if I seemed snappy about the whole thing :blink:

finally listening to this…the download link kept looping me around asking me to log in (which I already was) and then sending me back to MY homepage when I login to the prompt…

I think I’ve just invented a new style of dancing that involves sitting down with a computer keyboard bouncing up and down trying to type. Nice rolling beats.
The bass came through a bit muddy and fuzzy but I assume thats the myspace stream, other than that the only thing I have to pick with this track is that I reckon God’s been pretty generous ;)

Yeah- the links just brought me to a log in, and after that, to my home page… So i just went on the renoise UNusers group and found you on their and finally navigated to your page and then your song… it was a long trip dude…
Anyway… (let me catch my breath…) I liked the song- the whistling type of synth fit very well althought I would imagine it wouldn’t sit right if I heard it seperate from the track. Nice breaks! Those rthyms are super dope!

OK, sorry about all that, it seems that me having cookies makes a difference when linking from my homepage. To be honest it’s easiest to click my sig. The tune plays straight after that, or you can choose to download & listen in your own player. I’ll edit out those shabby links.

I know myspace isn’t ideal, but it’s the best I have time for right now… just a quick fix :)

Thanks for your comments guys. I’ll get everything mixed down a touch better after I’ve finished mucking about with RAID setups. I do agree with all the comments made about the mixdown, and I did plan to add a bit more variation in some parts of the beats (ie the snares), but I certainly haven’t honed my mastering skills yet. I’d like this on vinyl before I go to Portugal anyways so I’ve got a reason (and finally some time) to work on it :D

this is VERY cool! such a gritty lead instrument, with some great syncopations during the intro. i like how the track builds @ unexpected places. during the 1st half the rides sound good, but a little sparse, there could use to be more of them - think dillinja or even the rides in the amen break
around 2:31 at the break, there is excellent syncopation on the blasphemy. i love blasphemy btw, i am a heretic :)
around 3:15 the drop, so f****ing funky and cool! the drum programming is so good, very professional sound – dare i say even cutting edge?
the only thing i don’t like about this track is that the part right fter the drop isn’t long enough before you start changing it to something else ( around 3:50)

really awesome though. i’m impressed. you should look into some major labels. i’ve been listening to jungle for a long time (since about 96) and this is pretty fresh.

A+ Awesome. Wish I would’ve thought of using the sample from the Devil’s Advocate, it got me pretty excited and you fit it in really nice. The overall experience is just too good! Going on my MP3 player right now.

Thanks very much for the replies guys. Great to hear comments like this from you both, it’s really inspiring for me.
1 Fried motherboard & 4 HDDs later… I’m now going to install Renoise & stop friggin’ tweaking, and act upon some of these constructive suggestions!

Watch this space :D