Garden Art

more like garden fart

a generic lofi idm album for the masses, and the missus. Features Skrypnyk and Hollowtone [both FL Studio users, lol]

Click the sexy statue to download

just finished listening. my what an enjoyable album. i liked the other artists also. really good work. thanks for the release! :walkman:

Yay, I really liked it, really calmy moody, and I like this. With a big preference for tracks 5 ,6 and 7 which I really loved. The track 13 was really great too.

The mood slowly evolves from track to track and it’s great. Sounds really “garden sound”, feels like the beginning of an august afternoon, laying down in a hammock, under a tree, feeling nappy… : D

Btw, the melody in tracks 10 remind me of an asian song, but can’t remember the name, was it intentionaly ^_~ ?

Really looking forward your next products :3

thesixthgarden is truely delicious.
kudos for that alone!