Gary Moore

One of my favorite guitarists has left this world.

Rest in peace Gary Moore!!

I’m kicking myself for not seeing him performing live. I so wanted to.

This ia a extremly sad day :( Rest In peace ! I guess God needed some great blues.

He has some real great stuff indeed…

Perhaps a little comfort in having your wish granted digitally…


fucking legend. one of the reasons why i am a ‘musician’. i am gutted. :(

He already had Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison just to mention a few… guess they got bored with eachother.

Thanks! Been roaming the tube for Moore videos this evening.

Ah… great video there. Shows that he can… err… could… play it slow with feeling too.

Dreading the day Clapton dies… shivers

WUT!? Clapton is God! :guitar: but for me, BB is the king

If it’s not robotic disco, it’s all about teh blues for me…but I’ve learned that “the less is more” from these guys. It’s that kind of music that i started on (and the Beatles) and that’s my soul…presented on a shit quality utoob vid! (story of my life!)

Wow, this sucks. There have been so many unfortunate deaths these past couple years.