Gary Peake Passed Away

i hate to bring bad news… but i visited and saw that one of the bigger people behind official commodore amiga-team recently passed away :(

the link below you can write a condolence letter to gary’s family…c79df1a327b13cc

the reason i put it here is because 4 channel tracker programs started on amiga (take protracker for example)… amiga plays a big role in computer evolution as well as music-trackers. lets just say without amiga and gary there probably wouldnt even be a renoise or maybe not even a windows version and oldskool games…

it doesnt matter wether you know gary/amiga or not… but i can tell you this was a special man… and he may not be forgotten along with the whole amigateam.

rest in peace gary

RIP :(

Aye to that, RIP.

Seems like the Amiga era is truly coming to an end :frowning:

even if amiga comes to an end… amiga will live on forever in our souls by true amiga-fans