Gate Tracker

Hi, why not make a “Gate Tracker” dsp that send gate signal like reset, because “key tracker” don’t reset if you play the same note.
In this way you get “gate” “velocity” “key” traking.

The Key Tracker and Velocity Tracker do already send an output signal on each note, even if you play the same note twice. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “reset”, though. What do you expect them to “reset” to each time?

What exactly are you trying to do? What are you trying to reset or control with the Key Tracker?

You might simply need to tweak your DSP chain a little bit, or use some extra tricks to make it do what you want. If you describe exactly what you’re trying to do, I might be able to help you.

ok, I create a sample with 1 sample lenght, draw a line, put ring modulator, a key tracker that control hydra input, hydra out 1 control ring frequency.
now I add a filter and lfo, lfo control filter freq. If I link hydra out2 to lfo reset, the lfo reset only if I play different note from the previous…
Maybe is a problem of hydra and not of keytracker! Otherwise I have to put a keytracker for each lfo that I want to reset: filter cutoff, filter res, gain, pan…
Emanuele (ballacr75)

Yep, indeed it is. The Hydra will only change its outputs when the input changes. In this case, you’ll need a separate Key/Velocity Tracker to reset every LFO in your chain.

PS. There’s a nice example of this synth technique in my signature below. Check the “Native Synth” link :)

ok, and add an option in lfo device: “reset on each key”?
(ps: did you listen to my track at sdcompo?)

wonderful dblue! I have leadned much from your example! very very good. thanks very much!