Gates Of Hell 2005

So, this is my 2nd try with renoise. I used V2 by Kebby for the synths.

:lol: V2 rules :yeah:
Anyway… about your track, as soon as they come:
(usual rule: read everyithing with a IMHO before and after every sentence)

  1. I would build a somehow stronger build before opening up. Straight hats from start to opening just does not do the job.
  2. The synth is sound and nice but I would rather take advantage of the nice opening at 0.32" and use it full potential with some stronger/complex build… or that is going to sound “empty”.
  3. I would not repeat the speech sample too much. It’s a nice tweaking and you should use it more like some sort of “reef” rather than main body…
    4)Try to enrich the whole with noises and background textures, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot.
  4. Weird point. I notice that in the rest of the song, your builds-to-opening are all folowing a constant behaviour. Dynamics go like being “too rich to be a build” before the opening and “too poor to be an opening” after… so that the transition just sounds as “moving from one room to another” with no real “opening” or “explosion”… so that to me it does not sounds as “travelling” but rather “waiting in different rooms” for something great to happen.
  5. The build from 4:00 to the opening at 4:16 sounds just cool :yeah: but don’t leave it playing till 4:42… or add something else to that acid synth… or it will not stand till 4:42
  6. as a general rule, try to modulate beats and bass after the progression you’re creating. Leaving a naked and untouched loop on you track works for a very small time… after that it gives the “this-is-not-real” feeling… unless masked with other layers of sound or a nice filter sweep. (Yes, I’m talking about that jungle beat you keep on till the end…)
  7. Have you tried to double-time the speech sample? :D

Overall: Great sound! Good sense of epic :yeah: I would suggest you to work on transitions and builds.
Suggested song: Might the eternal gods have Keith303 in eternal glory for having written “Anxiety Express” (Keith did I ever took the chance to thank you for that? ) :lol:

Well. The Hats were added for DJs to mix this thing into another track. As a stand-alone-song this “feature” does not make sense, I agree.

I tried to do this Benny Bennassi stuff. I guess, I went to technical and this song is more of a tech-demo what somebody could do with Renoise’s Filters.

Strongly agree. I listened to the track more than once and even I am pretty annoyed by the Sample right now.

What do you mean? Should I use Crowd-Samples or strings?

That is because I went out of ideas. The track is very hard-core and so I tried to get louder and louder but after reading your posting I guess this “louder”-idea does not work… I’ll change that… Somehow… Hmm…

I tried to make the Chip+Filter+Distortion to be more aggressiv but due to the lack of experience with automated effects this did not work out so well. I removed the Acid-Line because played with the V2 together the song went to chaotic.

I will do that.

Yeah but it hurt my ears :)

Anyway. Thanks for that big review. I think I’ll re-edit it and do my best to make this song more “organic” and better.

Best regards,

Yo Dopefish… this morning I did a micro-remix of your tune… :P
Started building a “double-vocal” example… but I couldn’t help but adding some stuff here and there :)
Hope you enjoy the “inside joke” ;) it makes it definitely more EVIL :D

Well… it’s not a 2 way options… but if I had to chose I’d pick “Crowd” noise.
I mean that DRY synth like those used allow room enough for noise-efx-textures. You can see what I mean in the fist part of my micro-rmx :P
Click here to download dopefish.ogg Note: (it’s obviously not maxed yet) I’m not sure I am doing that “in style” as I’m not much of a hard-core listener myself… :unsure: :P :lol:

Oh my god, you made my vocals stutter :huh: :o :P :D

Now I understand, what you mean… This definetely sounds more “balanced” and dynamic.


I guess, then I’ll have to re-edit some things here…

Hope you noticed the “evil” twist your song has taken now… ;)

Yep… I noticed that… Good work… :yeah:

EDIT: That was my 100th posting

Giving it a listening right now

Sounds like a way hardcore gabber intro haha,expecting a hard bassdrum after the 1st gates of hell sound,
but goes the other way around, bringing the beat a bit later,more like hardhouse meets somewhat acid electro,

though also not completly my style,
sounds okay!