General MIDI 2

Is it possible to support General Midi 2?

In this exmaple, I bought a Roland Fantom. I would program the midi into Renoise, select a patch from the Fantom, open Sound Forge, and record the Fantom’s sound as Renoise plays the midi notes…

I know MIDI is supported in Renoise, but it only supports GM – limiting the programming of the Fantom to the General Midi patches.

Allowing General Midi 2 would enable me to select what MSB and LSB banks the Fantom should use as well as what program (as opposed to just the bank and the program).


AHHH what a god send!

It works perfectly! the only thing i have to do is -1 for the program number.

Now to figure out how to control other parts of the keyboard.


that’s normal. Some synths start to count their patches from 1, and others from zero i guess. But that isn’t a real problem :)

For controlling other features of your synth try to look in it’s manual for CC codes. You can use (and automate) them in Renoise.

Have fun!