General Purpose Sample Set

I’m looking for a high quality, general-purpose sample set. Something like a complete, raw trinity/triton sample set - if something like that existed… a good mix of pads, synths, acoustic instruments, basses, leads, percussion, maybe a few sound effects. I know some unauthorized triton samples exist, but I’m a little worried about their quality (I don’t want to end up paying 40 bucks for poorly looped samples drenched in reverb with one sample per instrument). Or maybe something like a more modern and extensive version of maz no. 1 instruments.

The key thing is that I’m looking for something that’s very use-able rather than flashy. I don’t want something that’s so effected and distinct that it stands as it’s own musical statement … I want something that will fit as a piece. I’m willing to spend up to around 100-150 bucks if there’s something quality out there. Any suggestions?

There’s always the Renoise native instrument set. Look in the sub folders of the Renoise program folder. These are simple, but basic enough for some speed to capture an idea. I’ve used them a few times while tracking at work.

Many tracker compo packs have simple usability in mind, you might try searching in that direction.


hmmmmm, if I could only convince my co-workers that Renoise is just a modern and more efficient way to build code for webpages… it DOES use XML, so… :rolleyes: