Generate Drum Kit Button

Could it also be placed somewhat closer to the instrument slots (box) please?

Cannot find a shortcut to it either…

Could anyone help?

thanks in advance.

happy Id ul-Fitr

A global key-board shortcut for ’ generate drumkit’ would be great, actually the only time i visit the instr.editor us is solely to press it. Inserting samples from the diskop in the instr.list + pressing this shortcut would speed up the workflow with another 0.5 seconds :slight_smile:


Glad I’m not the only one!

That would totally kick ass. +1 for you my good man.

Great Idea. cus yes, I only hit the inst. button only to press that gen. drumkit button.


You only have to click it once though… once the function is enabled, it will auto-add new samples that are added into the sample slots.

OH really? nice. I didnt know that…

all this time I was pressing buttons that I didnt have to…thanks for clearing that up!