Generating Drumkits

Since 1.8 has the ability to make a huge drumkit, I was wondering if there was a way to make renoise generate a drumkit starting at lower than c-4? I suppose I could spend 20 minutes doing it by hand, but I was wondering if there was a way of making the “generate drumkit” button generate a kit starting from lower than c-4. If I could start it from a much lower pitch, I could sample instruments for each pitch from the bottom to the top and have a relatively dynamic-sounding instrument (not quite like a sampletank instrument that can play different samples based off velocity, but close–now if Renoise allowed for something like that–whooooooey! That would be intense!!)

I think this is a work for third-party developers…

(I will reply to your tribute-to-me thread, believe me :))

RiGen allows this :)

Though i haven’t updated this package since one of the last alphas so i don’t really know if it is still compatible with the latest beta.
But if Renoise internal version conversion works properly, it should accept and convert the older doc format.

I’m wondering whether there’s a way to set where the “generate drum kit” starts generating the drumkit.

Why is this something that requires a third party program?

It might be a very simple enhancement to make the “Generate Drumkit” button in Renoise check what the base-note is set to first and then generate the drumkit based on that setting. Taktik?

This has been annoying me no end. As I want to create a renoise template with all my samples in. But when I click generate drum kit it can not map all the samples as the first sample starts from C-4. Would be usefull if you could specify a base note for the first sample to start from for when you click the generate drum kit.

+1 to specify base note

specify base note would rock :yeah:


Would be very useful when making instruments from a large number of samples.

+1 indeed.

Put this in suggestions! 5 stars!