Generating Drumkits

Hey guys.

Ive got several folders with Drum Kits… lots of samples in there and they all fit together well. now… is there a way to take every sample in this folder with ONE click an generate a drumkit with that?

the way i do it now is… double click the first sample… hit plus (insert a new sample slot) double click the next sample, hit plus, next sample, hit plus… and so on…
but with 30 to 40 samples this really gets annoying…

so is there a way to do this faster?

thanks a lot.

:drummer: thats a nice smiley^^

Go into the disk browser… hit “samples” … browse to your folder… select all the samples you want … and drag them all at once over into the sample browser on the instrument you want to create… they will load in… now go to the instrument panel… and hit “generate drum kit”

Done! :D

Granted, it’s a drag and a click… but it’s still faster than loading each sample in one at a time.