generating track envelopes ...

don’t know that somebody talked about in past diskussions - but I have no time to read everything - sorry!

what’s about generating track envelopes with some mathematical functions - OR - setting types of curves and periods to generate a envelope?

cheers, Alex

you probably want an LFO feature for track evenlopes.

This has already been discussed and is on developers’ ToDo list.

ok … thanks … forum-master - delete this topic - sorry!

Alex, you’re a newbie on this forum so you don’t know some little hints about it:
NEVER ask for a thread deletion, as it will decrease your total post counter, and your profile will appear less cool than you are at the moment :lol:


OH - I did not know that! … but I’m cool enough without a big post counter :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

my only contest is the life itself! :yeah: