Generating Waveforms & Envelopes

It would be nice to be able to generate waveforms of various kinds (the basic ones with parameters, plus functions or even importing data from files/the clipboard) for automation and instrument envelopes, as well as for samples… so there could be one central way of generating these waveforms!

One difference would be defining them by time (e.g. “1 second of 440hz sine”) or by samples (e.g. “5000 samples of a 440hz* sine” (that wouldn’t really be hertz, which is “one per second”, but “one per sample”)). “Samples” would simply be “lines” when envelopes are concerned, and the actual meaning of “time” would of course depend on the song speed (for envelopes) and the sample rate (for samples).

The other difference would be the options for how those waveforms are applied to envelope/samples… but everything else regarding the generation of such waveforms could (if such things ever come to be, that is) be “unified”, so any improvements made there would automatically benefit various parts of the program. Who knows what else it might be useful for in the long run, considering that waveforms are kind of the bread and butter of music…

Yep, I would love to be able to generate wave forms in the sampler.

I generate my own kick drums and sub waves in Sound Forge, which is totally fine, but would prefer to be able to do that in Renoise.

Sound Forge is a hella powerful bit of kit though, so I dont think it would be easy to duplicate something as strong as this in Renoise without causing a few headache though.

Would be great though



A very good idea, a parameter customizable waveform generator in sample editor would be very handy. :) (Some how I miss OctaMED here.)

I am basing this post on hearsay…

I heard that Sound Forge has a much better system of generating waves than any other package…

Does anyone have any concrete facts about this?

And, if there is a difference… Could this be implemented in Renoise?