Generative Matrix

Would something like this be scriptable / possible?

Pretty cool stuff.

If you aren’t too concerned with the fancy animations, I think it could be scripted.

For a 1st prototype I think it’s be pretty easy to:

  • Define a grid.
  • Assign a note+inst to each square in the circumference.
  • Define your step; example when a white square moves it writes a note every 4 lines?
  • Punch in your white squares.
  • Click generate.

Here, you could see a rudimentary animation showing the squares move around, but wouldn’t hear anything in real time. Once done, the Pattern Editor will contain a “generated sequence”.

Most of the work would be for the user interface to assign notes+instruments to the circumference and the steps. If the UI could instead be “text in the code,” then a lot of time saved to get a 1st prototype out the door.

A 2nd prototype / more complicated version could work with “record mode” and enter notes in real time, instead of just generating stuff.

I don’t mind fancy graphics, think the pattern matrix already looks good :wink: , maybe the nibbles tool could be hacked?

max/msp and a monome/launchpad would be more conducive to something like this i reckon…

It should be pretty easy to script. The key is to calculate the sounds few rows ahead and fill them in as the renoise plays through patterns.

Found another one of these matrix play thingies;

Thought everybody would of known that one by bow (and his AudioTool) although I did relink to his Guitar thingy in another thread yesterday…