Generative music in Renoise 3.2

Been having fun in renoise land again, much thanks to 3.2. Also finally sat down to play with phrases and probabilities (yXX).

Its just a few simple phrases that contains patterns with probabilities, and then a layer of probabilities on the main pattern to create “infinite” variations.

Here`s the file in case anyone is interested.
redhoot_3.2_generative_phrase_.xrns (757.4 KB)


I like this, very tight timing. May I ask which reverb you’re using?

Nevermind, all native!

Very cool track, thanks for sharing!

Awesome music man!

cheers, 3.2 really getting me into the tracking spirit again. Heres another generative test.

And Renoise file:
redhoot_generativeGrimeyLimey.xrns (3.2 MB)

Hope its OK to use the tips and tricks section to share the files and videos.


wow, that sounds and looks awesome “redhoot” is amazing! now i’m going to see and try to understand what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Going to check out your file. Been toying with the idea of making generative music. My own experiments so far haven’t been as successful as your stuff. So I expect to learn something.

sound dope, also wish I could fit the phrase view next to Renoise on my MacBook Pro, seems handy.

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