Generative music using Supercollider & Renoise


Just uploaded a small supercollider example to play Supercollider patterns in Renoise using OSC communication.
Feel free to test it and press “R” if you like it :slight_smile:



Very nice man!

Hi Geoffroy !

Your code is amazing ! Could you comment every line, please. I just discover SuperCollider with you and I would like to understand each line.

Perhaps have you some tricks to link SuperCollider to Renoise.



I’m sorry but it will be difficult for me to comment every line because I’m quite new to Supercollider.

First, you have to understand the language itself. There’s no choice, you have to go through the whole tutorial :
Take your time, it took me like two weeks to go through it.
The important part of the tutorial is the last one : Events and patterns. But you have to understand the other parts before digging into it, sorry…

On my code I define a new Event type that you can sequence using patterns (PBind is a kind of pattern). This event type prevents using the default patterns which are played by Supercollider synths by default.
See doc for Event and Event Type

Don’t worry, after a while, it will make sense.

Have fun !!



Hi Geoffroy.

Thank you for your answer.

I will read all the links, and I will try to understand supercollider.

Now, I see the power of SuperCollider.



Good luck !
The SC mailing list is very helpful if you’re stuck !

There’s also a book: