Generic Chiptune #8395

alright, with this being my first chip in years, and my first chip made in a renoise/ft2 enviroment (impulse tracker r00lz!1), dont expect too much, generic bassline, boring arpeggios, still though, kinda catchy. B)

sure i cheated with the dsp effects, but atleast it’s 4chan. :lol:

grab it

thats one sweet chip mitch murder. 4ch r0x.
using anything but internal stuff on this one? would love to have the xrns.

anyway. post more chips :)

hehe, except from audition post-mastering, it’s all internal.
here’s the xms for you. :)

Oh shit. Did not catch this post. Downloaded ten times and deleted because it was to old :(

Upload this again PLEASE!!!

Yes, please upload :D

haha, it’s really not that great. ^_^

anyway, here’s the previous one plus a new one …enjoy. B)

edit: i should say though, i did’nt really but a whole lotta effort into
these, i made them for fun since it’s been years and years since my last chip. x)

check out this old chipdisk for more. (my scene name was datachild)

Loving your Myspace man…Quantum State is definitely my favourite, but they’re all good!

oh, glad you like it. :)
got more tracks on my virb though.

edit: right back atcha regarding myspace btw, cuddle puddle is straight up bonkers. :D

Thanks mitch_murder, I think these will come in handy for learning some old school pattern effects. And if we’re doing compliments, let me say that 1984 is probably my favourite song on your Virb. Ta.

Is it possible to upload again? thanks