Genesis - "illegal Alien"

It’s not interesting, but the chords were quite hard to come up with…it might take it looping once or twice to ‘get it’…

Only VSTs, used are the ‘Classic’ plugins. Comments/guidance/gripes requested.

Original version here:

didn’t do much for me hseiken, have nothing with the original. Hard to find a direct ’ line’ in the melody right away, lill all over the place,… can’t go wrong in the beat department. Where do you want to go with this yourself?

IMO you should bin it. “Illegal alien” doesn’t give much to work with anyway, no catchy melody or anything else either. Atleast I wouldn’t remix this kind of song.

Your chording is way off. You should atleast try to follow some of the tonality of the lyrics.

it sounds like a bit in a mix where it goes from one song to the next
nice beats

I’m a huge Genesis fan…

so this hurts me a little bit :P