Get A "multi-Peak Filter" With Native Eq10/eq5


now that we have automatables frequencies in 2.8 (!!)

->> this setup shows how to use native eq (check the graph on eq10 track 1) as a “multi-peak (resonance) filter”…

hydra 1 does cutoff, hydra 2 does resonance amount

inspired by the z-planes from E-MU

made with headphones on a laptop in one hour, so appologises for the “equalisation”

have fun


Sounds nice!


multi-peak? :)

That is too cool! You might get more downloads/replies with a acount… just saying… however, I like that tip a lot.


B) B)

thanks, btw, some tweaks into the hydra device allows some other cool stuffs like multinotch etc. have fun ;)