Get pattern position in sequencer

song.selected_pattern_observable:add_notifier (TEST)

function TEST()
  print("TEST cur_pat_seq_pos", song.transport.playback_pos.sequence)

So, this function runs when I move up/down in pattern sequencer, but it usually prints previous pattern position. Am I doing it wrong?

Perhaps because Renoise editor counts from 0 but Lua starts lists/arrays at 1.

I meant that it prints the position of pattern that was selected before selection changed.

Or is Renoise wrong? :slight_smile:

Curiosity, does it work better if you change:

print("TEST cur_pat_seq_pos", song.transport.playback_pos.sequence)

to read the selected sequence index?

print("TEST cur_pat_seq_pos",

(manually moving between patterns)

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Yes, it does. Thanks!

Ok (so long as the user hasn’t decoupled the playback from the editing position (i.e. hit the scroll lock key) etc…) But there is still a problem returning incorrect values with your first example (SongPos object)

that Renoise needs to look at(?)

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