Get Ready To Lock The Door...

Seeing how the spam bots has finally found their way onto this board I guess we can expect guest posting to disappear in the near future.

Nowadays nearly all boards require that you register and this really lowers the convenience of internet for me. I often stumble across interesting threads on forums across the internet and every now and then I’d like to ask a question, shed light on a topic or air an opinion but when the “register user” screen appears in front of me I usually give up. Username -> password -> emailadress -> coming up with fake personal info -> wobbely letters code -> confirmation email -> account activation … for ONE post? - no thanks.

I don’t have anything else to say really… I just think its sad that the internet has come to this and I wish nothing but slow and painful death to those who make any kind of malicious software.

maybe your blaming is lopsided. The spamming game need two participants, a sender and a reciever.
If there weren’t a good number of ppl retarded enough to react to spam and buy stuff, spamming would not happen.
Everyone hates spam, yet still the art of spamming seems to pay off.
so please, don’t only wish suffering and death to spammers but also to penis enlargement pill buyers

would it be so hard to make unregistered posters solve a quick machine-unsolvable quiz?
something like ‘pick the dead kitty pic’?

Maybe not, we also notice spam from bots that actually register an account.
So just disabling the guest posting would only work against bots that only submit through guest posting.
I think adding a permanent captcha for guest posts and a one time captcha for registering would suffice.
And if you don’t want to login or do a fast post:you probably gonna have to solve the captcha every time.