Get Rid Of Renoise Status Bar

Get rid of the status bar, on my small laptop screen it takes up vertical space for no good reason:

3892 get_rid_of_this.png

Replace with floating messages, like in Chrome:

3893 replace_with_this.png

Thank you for your consideration.

I like the status bar, so make it toggle-able in Preferences.


How about more nerdy stuff in the status bar like cryptic number read-outs and scrolling of nibbles high scores?

and the renoise logo, to quickly go here from within renoise. :expressionless:

“Replace with floating messages, like in Chrome”

If anything it should be an option… “Classic GUI,” and “xyz.”


I think we should have a contest who can make the best splash sound for renoise booting up the first time after installing (like winamp)
The winner will get to tell people he or she made the official splash noise and people will be impressed and view him or her as someone special and talented.