Get rid of the 10 voice limitation

I want to create an instrument that has more then 10 samples on the same key , switching between the samples with a step device .

A note on trigger all samples , a macro ( controlling the step index ) points to the sample.

This is currently not possible ( only 10 samples can be indexed ) , because all samples >10 are ignored because of the voice count limitation .

The count is 12 isn’t it?

In some cases you could perhaps get away with the cycle/random overlap, but it’s not a good solution as it doesn’t even change at each note input and you can’t group samples to make more than one sample play simultaneously.

IMO the keyzones section needs some improvements in this field. It should be possible to assign different samples to different overlap modes , so that one sample may play every time while others may cycle within the same instrument. This would open up to a whole new level of instruments.

Also it seems like the overlap mode cycles/random only changes on beats or something, because it definately does not change on every note in fast progressions, which i would find a lot more useful.

Yes ,sorry …12…

Mind slip .

It has nothing to do with keyzones .

For actual wavetable /index scanning …all waves need to adressable at all time , so they need a full scale range and all samples have be triggered when a note received .

Then the pointing indexing begins .

The macro/step index then points to the sample that will be heard ( which has been prepared withthe appropriate step modifier ). all other samples are ignored ,well not ignored actually…they still receive a note -on …but the stepper is not letting them thru to the audio out/ampenv. .

When the sample list contains more then 12 samples , all the >12 samples are simply ignored by a not on and are thus not available for scanning /indexing .

Yes i also agree that a count of twelve is not enough, what i suggested was just an additional feature.