Gettin Down'n'dirtey With Zynaddsubfx

yeah well, even if this isn’t strictly linux related, linux is obviously missing some variety in the synth sector, so i thought i’ll put together a little guide in how to use zynaddsubfx as a very good subtractive synthesizer. note that this isn’t even scratching the surface, zyn is way more powerful. but sometimes one just wants to create a basic subtractive patch, so here you go. (if you have already created some patches in zynaddsubfx you’ll probably be pretty bored with this video.)

zynaddsubfx tutorial

ps: nvm the crackly audio, it’s camtasia + my shitty cpu + audio processing, also note that i only did this on windows because i needed a desktop recorder fast. normally i use zyn in linux (:

ZynAddSubFX is great synthesizer. Althought the GUI is bit ugly it packs a whole lot of features.

Are you using the VST version?

you mean the vst verison on linux? why would i wanna do that? o:

(no, i’m using the “normal” version which integrates very well into the jack environment)

More introduction to Linux synths, please.

spot on.

here is a good one for the alsa modular synth (ams):
Alsa Modular Synth Tutorial
it doesn’t just help you with the ams in particular, but in understanding synths in general. in some way ams is a very educational synth o: (in a good way)

ams pros: you can controll (and therefore automate) pretty much every parameter via midi and you can use pretty much every ladspa plugin there is and just build synths of them. and of course it’s very retro and cool to build patches in ams >_>
ams cons: perhaps slight stability issues (:s)

edit: actually the “original” documentation of ams seems to be pretty good, too: ams docu