Gettin' Vox & Gitarz Into Renoise

The time has come to lay down some vocals and guitars onto my tracks.

I use a Win7 laptop and I am pretty sure microphones and guitars don’t plug into it. :)

So I need an interface, and I thought I would seek some council on what are some reliable and decent quality units to do this. I don’t need 32 inputs, just a couple and certainly the ability to use decent microphones.

I have a budget of about $200 to $250 USD, though if something slightly cheaper or more expensive is more awesome then I obviously would not discount it.

Any and all advice from yall Renoise vets would be appreciated! :yeah:

I’d go with the motu audio express or 4pre a little more but good gear

Is this what you are talking about Jack of All Trades?

It is certainly higher than my budget!

Any other suggestions to compete with this a little more in line with my pocket? :)

If I was in the windows world, I’d strongly look into the RME babyface. I’m in OSX now so I’m using apogee gear…
EDIT: whoops my bad… forgot how much those things were.

Cool, thanks for the suggestions so far guys! Any other feedback?

Anyone got any experience with