Getting A Good Thick Rammstein Sounding Distortion On Guitar?

This, and I would also say, don’t forget the possibilities of different Distortion + LPF/BPF/HPFilters on different send tracks.

Also, I think the guitar sound sucks. I could almost not listen the track until the guitar dropped but when it did I made sure to stop the sound within 3 seconds.

here’s something i did a long time ago, might help

and another one

also, just looking at these chains might help… experiment
starting a topic like this, people do like it if you told them what you’ve already tried, or maybe have xrns or mp3 downloadable of what you got now and what you like / don’t like about it!

really, awesome good sounding stuff is possible with renoise (cab sim: classic with gain on 100% is one of my fav distortions :P) and if it doesn’t suit your needs, yeah well, you could buy the Waves pack it’s got an amazing guitar suite thing in there.

I’ll definitely try out different filters.

As far as the rest of your post, I recognize the guitar sounds sucks, that’s why I made the post to begin with. :P

I meant that Rammstein’s guitar sound in that clip sucks imo. :)
Keep in mind that you have not posted anything of ‘what you got now’. It’s like explaining a 2 year old child why 1+2=3 while you’re not sure if he/she has any basis of conception of what one or two means.

Haha okay I got ya’. I did post up the tune for a brief time but deleted it, and I thought you were talking about it. I realized that some of the issue I was having, was with the guitar part itself, not just the tone so I deleted it off of Soundcloud after having redone some of the parts. I kind of got distracted from the song after I got a Launchpad the other day and haven’t come back to it yet.

About the realistic guitar you heard in this video…

Maybe with 10 years, knowledge about guitars, amp, and FX’s, and, oh, obviously a studio filled with guitars, amps, and FX’s, you’ll get that exact sound.

My point is : these guys or whatever guys who are dope, they started from scratch with a sound in mind and said “I have this piece of gear I found last week for 10 bucks. It’s crap but it has to be used in an interesting way”. And it sounded crappy. 10 years later, they mastered their own way, which was crappy at first because they just began to use it.

The sound has followed, and now it’s their sound. Maybe, instead thinking “Hey I want THIS sound”, think “I have this, this and this. I’m sure I can get something interesting from this.”

I have crap in my house, I have cheap mics, I have DIY sounds, and I have my own mind. Ideas. I deal with what I find, record, design, and make my own sounds. It keeps the philosophy of my masters, of the musicians I like to listen, but the result is me, my ethic, my way of making music.

And Renoise fits well into this.