Getting A Mac.

So I sold my sony vaio and have some other money as well. I have an opteron desktop at home, but I need to get a mac for school and figured it would be nice to have another solid OS hanging around as well. But basically I’m hung up on getting a new intel mac or picking up a late model G4. I’m torn on waiting for new intel binaries for all my NI software or just getting straight to work with a g4 powerbook, but having less power in the long run. I go to the apple store on the 20th to go splurge my savings. What do you guys think about the pros and cons of this stupid little dillema? Anybody have a macbook pro and are using renoise and other software- what about soundcards? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m new to the whole mac deal.

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Hey Louis,

Go with the intel (macbook pro). It is SO much faster than the G4/G3. I was doing some video editing last week and it’s unreal. Renoise runs great. As far as NI, they said they are working on a universal binary right now. But, You’ll have a lot less VSTi choices than on PC.

oh and in d-town news, did you go to the Caffeine rave? it was great. :D

Well, I guess the deal is sealed! I met this hot chick at the art institute who works at the apple store in cherry creek- she’s going to hook me up with a student discount as well as her employee discount. So I should be getting a new mactell with the duo 1.83ghz proc and upgraded ram (1 gig), as well as logic 7.2 express pro- all for 1600 bucks out the door. Then she asked me if I wanted to go out with her sometime. :yeah:

hah! nice one B)

just make sure she doesnt eat into your creativity time ;)

That’s one thing that I have always been good about- keeping music a priority. I’ve had girls break up with me because I am consumed by music. They don’t get it. It’s funny cause I always tell girls that they will be a second priority to my creation, and they act like they can deal with that until we’ve been together for a little while. Then the complaints just come rolling in “Every night you are either playing a show, or sitting in front of your computer and keyboards. You’re at audio school all day! You spend all your money on synthesizers or whatever they are called! Then when you aren’t making music at home you are doing it a friends studio!” Life would be so much easier if they could just give us sex and understand that we are rockstars in the making you know? :guitar:

So how do I go about getting the beta renoise for my new mactell? Is 1.6 going to be compatible as well?


girls always get in the way for me, I just like em too much :)

Renoise 1.5.3 Alpha/Beta Mac Intel version

thank you! I had just found it right before seeing this.

Only warning on the Mac thing would be you’ll have to wait for your VSTi to be released (NI kontakt/reaktor or whatever you use will come out eventually) . Samples/RNI/RNS can go cross platform though. Not sure what you are going to do with your MIDI keyboard, I haven’t hooked mine in yet. (maybe need MIDI to USB?)

I’m happy with my macbook pro. I’m suprised you get it at that price. I payed more. (and Cherry hills is very expensive)

At Caffeine, DJ Ty-Tek spun he also went to Art Institute with me.

As far as the hot chick - nice. :D Music might be a priority, but keep a balance! She might be hella cool!

Yeah- I can wait for the beginning of next quarter for my NI stuff to go universal- no biggie, in the mean time, I’ll just export the larger parts of my projects rendered from renoise into logic and do all my synth work in there with the logic’s synths (they’re actually really good synths!) I have the whole midi keyboard situation under controll with the motu ultra light traveler (has midi ins and outs).

This chick better be cool- she seems like a high maintanance type of chick (she’ll be fun to fool around with, but I get the feeling she like’s me cause her dad would probably tell her she isn’t allowed to). :blink:

I think I know ty tek- alot of my buddies give him a hard time about the shit he spins but personally I haven’t paid attention, so I couldn’t really say anything. I’m sure he’s good at what he does, or else he wouldn’t have his little fame in denver.

So this mactell compatible release- I know it’s says demo, so how would I go about getting a full version of it? I have a registered copy of 1.5.2- so couldn’t they release a full one for download on backstage as a beta? Cause I do plan on rendering and using asio drivers.

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Yeah- bootcamp looks great, but I’m more impressed with seeing a mac os on regular pc’s. I kind of have it running on my desktop- but I have no wireless, graphics are sketchy and I get no sata play, so it just sits on my hardrive only to be used for sheer amazement of it running pretty descent despite those issues…