Getting A New Buffer With The Repeater Device?

Just started playing with 2.8RC and it’s fantastic, thanks!

Loving the Reapeter, although I could do with some advice on how best to use it.

So far I am adding pattern commands by right-clicking on the grid buttons (for the different repeat values) at the places in the pattern where I want the stutter effect. However, If I add several repeat commands without an ‘off’ command between them, I can’t find a way to get the Reapeater to grab a new audio buffer. Is there a way to force it to grab a new audio buffer at the point to add a new repeat command?

Not at the moment, no.

To capture a new buffer, you’ll have to turn the Repeater off and on again.

If you need to instantly grab a new buffer without any gaps while turning it off/on, you could potentially use two Repeaters and alternate between them, turning one off when the other turns on, and vice versa.

Cheers, I’ll have a play!