Getting A New Computer Keyboard For Renoise?

Check out this one.

If it only had velocity-sensitive keys… :)

looks expensive… and, well, pointless.

honestly, i’d rather have this…

well, with the optimus keyboard you could imitate das keyboard. ;)

@ ermi: no matter what it’ll cost. i know what i’m gotta buy 2006. :)

and whats the point of DAS keyboard? :) just dont look at the keys as you type ;)

i never have, never will. it’s just to give me an air of eliteness.


then how did you learn to type? :rolleyes:

design made in Russia … really great … want to buy it ;)

Hmmz. no not really pointless… if you work with multiple foreign charsets you can change the keyboard layout without having to plug in a keyboard that have the symbols staticly on it’s keys.

For Russian’s / Chinese / Greek etc. it may be ideal.

It’s a good market concept, just make one product and sell it worldwide.
No need to create several different keysets.
It’s even nice for cashier systems.

6th grade keyboarding class… our instructor walking around the room yelling “A A A A A A A A A, S S S S S S S S, D D D D D D D D, F F F F F F F F”… over, and over, and over :lol:

Hmm, Americans! :lol:

PS! I’m really sorry… but i just had to say it!! :rolleyes: sorry man :)

that keyboard is dope! i want one!
i just wonder how long it will last. when ppl play games its not like they are delicate to the keyboard. very cool idea tho.

It’s just a concept yet…
Art Lebedev - older and famous design agency in Russia btw.

You should be getting a full-N-key rollover keyboard.…ds/kbpc_em.html

It lets you pressdown as many keys as you can at the same time, making it possible to make any chord in Renoise, its also better when playing games……-a-new-keyboard

Ceejay: is that a cgi model? or do they actually have prototypes?
that would be sweet to have and use with renoise if when the ctrl, shift, alt, or any combination would modify the other keys to show the extensive amount of keyboard commands.
i wouldnt have to keep my cheat sheets next to me anymore!

now that i think about it, it could be a good idea for the devs or any sound tracker developers to put the corelating keyboard commands in the little popups renoise has that come about when you move the mouse over the functions. something of this nature would probably help alot of ppl learn to use the keyboard, and speed up the writing process.